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Life, Liberty and the Pawsuit of Pet Safety

The Humane Society of Missouri shares tips to protect pets this Fourth of July   Spike says “Please don’t light those fireworks around me!” Fourth of July and the holiday weekend are right around the corner, bringing backyard barbecues, fantastic fireworks and plenty of opportunities to get outside and soak up the sun. However, for pets, the heat, noise and ... Read More »

No Seatbelt? Seriously? CLICK IT OR TICKET!

Have you seen the digital highway signs that say things like “No Seat belt? Seriously?” or around Mother’s Day Mac saw one sign that said “Mom says buckle up” or “Buckle up, Windshields Hurt” I’m so thankful for my father preaching to me when I got my drivers license to wear that seat belt every time.  I may have groaned ... Read More »


First of all Hoverboards don’t hover!  Can we quit calling them something they can’t do. True Definition of Hover Rolling board is what they are…I’ve never been on one however I’ve seen them in action in person.  When ridden correctly they are kinda cool but again they don’t hover! This is how things can go horribly wrong…This is Judi Diamond ... Read More »