LISTEN: Puppy Gram from Gateway Pet Guardians

Get your sweetheart a Puppy Gram for Valentine’s Day. It will 100% bring a smile and also helps out Gateway Pet Guardians! We’ve also decided Bud needs to adopt a pup!

LISTEN: The Belt Switch-A-Roo

Kelly’s dog Nash chewed up her husband’s belt…so she pulled a switch-a-roo – do you think he will notice?

LISTEN: Taking the Puppies to visit Santa!

Kelly from Arnold took her new puppy, Nash, to visit Santa. Broadway’s daughter also took their dogs, Bentley and Penelope, to visit Santa.

LISTEN: Kelly Needs Help Naming Her New Puppy! 🐾

Kelly from Arnold is adding to her family, with a brand new baby English Springer Spaniel. The problem is, she has no idea what to name him. We asked for some suggestions.

LISTEN: Bud and Broadway with Maren Morris

Maren Morris spent some time talking to the Home Team about her honeymoon in Bora Bora and her puppies!

LISTEN: Why Bud CANNOT have a dog!

Bud and Kelly get in a heated argument on why Bud should NOT get a dog…or should he?