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LISTEN: Avengers: Endgame

Bud and Broadway went to the press screening of Avengers: Endgame…something Broadway has 11 years of his life invested in. He loved it and has a great way to catch up on all of the 11 years in just 2 minutes.

LISTEN: Flossing on 2nd Base

Kelly from Arnold went to her first tee ball game to watch her 4 year old nephews first game. The entire game was funny from start to finish, but then her nephew ended up flossing (the dance) on 2nd base.

LISTEN: Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca 4/24

Every morning at 6:36,7:36, 8:36 Becca updates us on what’s trending in country music. Kelsea Ballerini says she grew up country AND Zac Brown teamed up with Indian Motorcycle. FGL says they’ve done a lot of growing up and have really evolved as humans.

LISTEN: Candy Hiding Spots

With all of the Easter candy in the house how do you make sure to keep some for yourself? Do you have a hiding spot?

LISTEN: Hayley Says it’s Circus Delay

Broadway got his family tickets to Cirque du Soleil…or as his daughter calls it Circus Delay.

Bud and Broadway Backstage w/ Devin Dawson & Hardy

While in Las Vegas for the ACM Awards Bud and Broadway had the opportunity to see lots of new country acts including Devin Dawson & Hardy!

LISTEN: Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca 4/23

Every morning at 6:36,7:36, 8:36 Becca updates us on what’s trending in country music. Dan + Shay have had a lot of success the past few years, but not a lot has changed for them. Brett Eldredge playing at Off Broadway courtesy of Bud Light (win tickets) & Jason Aldean ACM Artist of the Decade.

LISTEN: Bud & Becca Went to Shazam!

Bud and Becca went to see Shazam over the weekend. The entire experience wasn’t the best…

LISTEN: STL Bus Tour w/ Filmore

What a great day…we went on a tour of STL with Filmore. He was happy to be home and wanted some hometown favorites…Imo’s Pizza, Ted Drewes and we even visited his old High School – Lafayette.

LISTEN: Broadway Got Sent to His Room!

Grayson nearly sent his Dad, Broadway, to his room the other night. He also asked to hear Daddy Radio…which was adorable!