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LISTEN: Make a Little Love Week

Not enough love in the world? Bud and Broadway want to make a little! With the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and politics, Bud and Broadway present: Make a Little Love Week! Call Bud and Broadway every morning at 6:50 and share how you or someone you know is makin’ a little love! You don’t have to fly to a foreign country ... Read More »

Consider a shelter pet and have a cold one too!

We’ve teamed up with Purina once again to urge you to Consider A Shelter Pet! Learn about pet fostering and adoption, plus in the last minute of this conversation you’ll find out how drinking a beer can help our furry friends. Meet Deb Dubis Foster from Gateway Pet Guardians Did you know that shelters have puppies, kittens, dogs and cats ... Read More »

Need a little unconditional love? Audrey could do the trick.

Well look who I found on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Audrey.  Doesn’t she just have the sweetest little face and that scruffy hair just makes me want to lean in for a yummy snuggle. This adorable little squirt is 5 yrs. old and only 8 lbs..  Joyfully, all of the puppy phase is done now all you have to ... Read More »

Hey Culver would like to be considered for your family!

I understand that the world seeks perfection in ourselves, our lives, our work, and even our pets.  For most of us we simply are stretched thin and can’t include anything more that demands our time. However with this pursuit of perfection we miss beautiful opportunities to experience lessons that will better ourselves, our communities, and the lives of others.  Such ... Read More »

Got room for Bruce? Check out this beautiful dog.

So many individual these days speak of the challenges of unfairly being judge based on their exterior.  We are asked to be tolerant, accepting, and to not always judge a book by its cover.  Please understand that Bruce’s entire existence has been tethered to a short chain with life passing by.  He has had it rough thru NO fault of ... Read More »

Got a big truck? How about joining The Land of Giants Truck Club

Bofoot Truck If you’ve got a sweet truck or know somebody that does? The Land Of Giants is celebrating 20 years and we’re looking to make this club bigger and better! Throughout the years the club has done so many amazing thing from food drives, toy drives benefiting thousands of people especially the kids.  Let’s face it…we’re just big kids with ... Read More »