EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 109 – Kane Brown, Luke Combs, LANCO & Jordan Davis

Jinglefest 2018 has come and gone – but oh what a night! Kane Brown. Luke Combs. LANCO. Jordan Davis. Bud and Broadway got to interview each one of them and here is a mashup for all 4 interviews!

LISTEN: Jinglefest Lost & Found…You’ll Never Guess What They Found!

Kelly from Arnold’s friend lost her phone at Jinglefest, and the Family Arena found it! It made us wonder…what else was “found” after the lights came on at Jinglefest?

LISTEN: Off Key Christmas Carol w/ Bud and Broadway 🎅 🎵🎶

We’re not great at singing Christmas Carols, but when we do it’s fun at least! #Jinglefest2018 #SantaClausIsComingtoTown  

LISTEN: Who’s the Better Gift Giver? Bud or Broadway?

During Jinglefest, Kelly from Arnold visited the beer line to ask fans – who is the better gift giver? Is it Bud or Broadway?

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 108 – Jinglefest 2018…What to Expect

The Bud and Broadway Home Team are super excited about Jinglefest coming up this Saturday (12/8/18). So, what should you expect? What is parking going to be like? When should I arrive? We answer all of your questions!

LISTEN: Kane Brown Calls Bud and Broadway

Kane Brown just got married, is releasing a new album and starring in New Country 92.3’s Jinglefest…we had a lot to talk about!

LISTEN: Breaking Curfew for Jinglefest Tickets!

The first Jinglefest ticket blast was this past weekend…and a couple of High School Seniors were first in line. They got there so early they broke curfew! The complete list of Jinglefest Ticket Blasts are here.

LISTEN: Let it Snow #Jinglefest2017 Edition

Broadway, being a HUGE Christmas music fan, decided we should combine the artists and Jinglefest fans together to sing “Let it Snow.” To his credit, it did turn out pretty good. Great idea Broadway!

LISTEN: What Should Kelly get Bud and Broadway for Christmas?

While at Jinglefest, Kelly from Arnold, decided to get some advice on what she should get Bud and Broadway for Christmas. There were some good ideas…and some not so good.

Bud and Broadway Big Time String Band: Don’t Have Friends Like I Used To

The Bud and Broadway Big Time String Band are opening the Jinglefest Make Good Show and had to do some practicing while on the air this morning. What do you think of the new one, “Don’t Have Friends Like I Used To”?