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LISTEN: Hoosier Halloween Costumes

Kelly from Arnold dressed her nephew up as a mummy over the weekend…using toilet paper. What kind of hoosier or ghetto costume have you worn or made? We got some great answers and great costume ideas! Read More »

LISTEN: Zombie Road?

Bud and Broadway want to go somewhere to see a real ghost this year? Zombie Road was on the list of most haunted places in the country. So we find out…what’s it all about? Read More »

Bring your kids to this Trunk or Treat October 21st!

Hollywood Casino Amphitheater is where this Truck or Treat is happening! Thanks to K-9 Officer Alex Waldroup from the Maryland Heights Police Dept. for stopping by to talk about this event to benefit Special Olympics Missouri.  Register your vehicle by clicking here. Read More »

The Honor Bowl Candy Cam Challenge!

As a young trick-or-treater I’d occasionally come up to a house with a bowl with candy in it and a sign that said “Take One”.  Sometimes it would be just an empty bowl with that silly sign.  It is adorable to see the little ones dressed up trick or treating so even if you plan on handing out candy you ... Read More »

Country Music has some scary songs, here are a few to enjoy!

As we get closer and closer to Halloween it got me to thinking of some scary story songs that have been big hits in Country Music.  If you know of one that didn’t make my blog shoot me an email or message. Happy Halloween! “Boo” Matthews This idea came up when my wife Daisy and I were talking about ... Read More »