LISTEN: Getting To Know You Battle Royale Brandy Vs Tonya

For Bud and Broadway’s 3rd Anniversary they gave away 3rd row tickets to see Brad Paisley – Brandy and Tonya battled it out!

LISTEN: Impossible Trivia w/ Jamie from Florissant

Ridiculously Impossible, NO Possible Way You Can Get These Right Trivia Questions for a pair of 2019 Country Megatickets! Jamie is good at this!

LISTEN: Animal Family Feud Sonya vs. Ron

We love to play Animal Family Feud each and every Friday. This week Sonya and Ron played each other for tickets to see LOCASH at Ballpark Village.

LISTEN: Alabama vs. Clemson – Championship Game

The Chicago Bears kicker totally blew their chances at the playoffs. PLUS, it’s the NCAA National Championship tonight…Clemson vs. Alabama.

LISTEN: What Have You Skipped to Watch the Cardinals Play?

Several of us have made sacrifices to watch our favorite team play…what have you skipped or missed due to a Cardinals game?

LISTEN: Animal Family Feud 4 Keith Urban Tix

Bud and Broadway decided we needed to play Animal Family Feud today for Keith Urban tickets. Cheryl’s buzzer was a baby black bear noise, Heather had a raccoon as her buzzer noise. This got good!

LISTEN: Rhymes with HUNT!

Bud and Broadway played “Rhymes with Hunt” before the Sam Hunt show to giveaway prizes. Turned out to be harder than we thought!

LISTEN: Bud and Broadway ask “Who do we Root For? Cubs? Indians?”

Bud and Broadway are new to Cardinal Nation, so they are trying to figure out who they should root for in the big game this week! Chicago Cubs? Cleveland Indians?

LISTEN: Pokémon Go…Day 5

Pokémon Go is now on day 5…and it is starting to cause some problems PLUS will Kelly ever learn to say it right?!?

LISTEN: Pokémon Go is taking over!

Pokémon Go has over 10 BILLION hits and over 5 million downloads. What is Pokémon Go anyway? Be careful when playing Pokémon Go. We visit the Pokéstop and one listener gives advice. Kelly can’t say Pokémon.