Extra Innings Podcast

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 115 – Bud and Broadway Talk to Justin Moore

Justin Moore stops in the studio to talk about his pups, packing lunchables, and new music!

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 113 – What is a Shen Yun?

Shen Yun keeps sending us flyers in the mail, booklets to our house, billboards are everywhere. So what is a Shen Yun?

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST – Episode 112: Cutting the Cord…Are You Really Saving $$$?

Do you still pay for cable or satellite TV? Some of us decided to cut the cord for Hulu, Roku, Amazon Prime or Netflix. Are we saving money? Are we surviving?

Extra Innings Podcast: Episode 110 – Food Talk with Sarefood!

A St. Louis based company is now offering a service that lets you order food from a LOCAL chef and get it delivered right to your door. Check out

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 105 – CMA Award Show Expectations…What’s Gonna Happen?

The Bud and Broadway Home Team are off to Nashville for the CMA Awards Show on November 14th. The show was lucky enough to win the Award for Major Market Personality of the Year! But how will it all go? What do we wear? Where will we sit? So many questions and a lot of…

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Episode 98…Things We Are Bad At!

What is something you are bad at? And how do we know we are bad at it? During this podcast we learned we are bad at a lot of things…oh yea and we got on a car sales tangent.

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Bud and Broadway w/ Sam Hunt

The Bud and Broadway Home Team had the chance so spend some time with Sam Hunt. Sam told us about new music, touring with Luke Bryan, his favorite cereal, the last book he read and more.

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: What’s it Like to do Stand Up Comedy?

Bud and Broadway have been doing stand up comedy since 2014ish and it made some other people on the Home Team wonder what it’s like to perform comedy. They take us through their first show, to hecklers and even preparation. There’s a lot more to this than you may think.

Extra Innings Podcast: Going to the Bahamas

Bud and Broadway took a trip to the Bahamas with Jason Aldean and Dustin Lynch. What did they think of the island? Listen to find out.

EXTRA INNINGS PODCAST: Fast Food Wars…Who Does it Better?

Who do we think has the best burger, fries, pizza, coffee, ice cream or chicken sandwich. We found a list and some we agree on…some are just totally off!