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Hey Culver would like to be considered for your family!

I understand that the world seeks perfection in ourselves, our lives, our work, and even our pets.  For most of us we simply are stretched thin and can’t include anything more that demands our time. However with this pursuit of perfection we miss beautiful opportunities to experience lessons that will better ourselves, our communities, and the lives of others.  Such ... Read More »

The Dog House in DeSoto is my home away from home!

Mother’s Day was too beautiful a day not to take the motorcycle out for a ride so my wife Daisy and I hit the open highway and headed to DeSoto. A friend of mine told me about this restaurant the Dog House that has a dog theme to it a few weeks ago.  It was better than I imagined.  Get ... Read More »

Adopt Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! RROOFF!!!

This week I ponder the different things that enjoy BOUNCING such as tennis balls, bounce houses, and trampolines but never would I include dogs.  You see they yearn for stability in their lives just like we do.  Well, poor Rudy has not yet found a partner willing to honor a forever commitment to him.  He wants a stable friend that ... Read More »


So how is your New Year’s Resolution going? You remember the one you made to take better care of yourself and be more physically fit? I have a perfect solution, it would be based on joy, laughter, fun, friendship and being active.  You see Darius wants a partner to “live” life fully, exploring the wonders of the neighborhood or world.  ... Read More »

She’ll keep you warm in the winter! Meet Princess

How can you not just love that face?  My friend Michelle is working hard to place as many pets as possible. Here’s what she wrote about Princess. Imagine how quickly the complications of a heavy day would melt away with Princess happily greeting you at your front door.   With a beautiful heart, fun loving demeanor, and an easy laid back ... Read More »


Michelle sent an email this morning and here’s what was in it. I would like to introduce you to our two newest rescues.  Although, these two sweet young ladies just arrived they are transitioning smoothly into their new foster home. They have just completed their spay surgeries and the vet has given them a clean bill of health. These wiggly, ... Read More »