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Got room for a bunny? Really it’s a dog named Bunny!

Look who I spotted on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Bunny. Knowing that this young lady has dealt with lots of ups and downs in her short life tells me a lot about her character; she’s a survivor.  She has endured loss, rejection, instability, heartache, and a HURRICANE.  Yet, all those challenges and more have not deterred her from beginning ... Read More »

Considering a shelter pet or any pet as a Christmas gift? Read on please

This is Kal Words of wisdom from my friend Michelle! Please make sure the recipient is up for the responsibility. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that someone special this year?  Have you considered giving a gift of a companion dog?  Whether you prefer purebred, designer breed, small breed, young or mature; you’re in luck, Needy Paws Rescue ... Read More »

Consider a shelter pet and have a cold one too!

We’ve teamed up with Purina once again to urge you to Consider A Shelter Pet! Learn about pet fostering and adoption, plus in the last minute of this conversation you’ll find out how drinking a beer can help our furry friends. Meet Deb Dubis Foster from Gateway Pet Guardians Did you know that shelters have puppies, kittens, dogs and cats ... Read More »

Need a little unconditional love? Audrey could do the trick.

Well look who I found on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Audrey.  Doesn’t she just have the sweetest little face and that scruffy hair just makes me want to lean in for a yummy snuggle. This adorable little squirt is 5 yrs. old and only 8 lbs..  Joyfully, all of the puppy phase is done now all you have to ... Read More »