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Grady needs a home…can it be yours?

Being young and adventurous Grady recently set out on a search of his own to find a real loving family.  He looked high and low, No luck.  So, now he sits with anticipation waiting for his rescue story to begin, for that someone special to start their search for a forever pet.  Grady in his young life has already felt ... Read More »

Top 10 Hardest Things About Being a Mom

My Mom raised my sister and I by herself from the time I was 7 years old but she was also a business owner. Mother’s Day is May 8th, 2016 and letting Mom know how special she is so important.   Here are the 10 hardest things about being a mom according to PR Newswire.  Do you agree? 1.  Balancing a ... Read More »

Which one is the TV guy and which is the Radio guy?

You don’t need the help…but for the record that is Cory Stark on the left Weekend Anchor on KMOV Channel 4.  The tie gave it away didn’t it?  LOL! Cory called to invite me and everyone to a special (virtual) party for Country Music’s Party of the Year!   Plus listen for details on how to win the Bandana’s Country Mega ... Read More »


Are you in love?  Do you think you’re ready to pop the question or are you ready for someone to pop the question? Some people say “you’ll know when it’s right”  and listening to your gut is very important. Relationship expert Dr. Karen Phillip has been a family psychotherapist for 15 years and finds so many of the same relationship ... Read More »