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Country Music says Happy Birthday to Willie Nelson he’s 83 today!

Check out how Country Music says Happy Birthday to a legend. Ironically, just this week I started reading Willie’s book It’s a long story. Now I am only 4 chapters into it but it is so good.  One thing that was shocking to me is that he was in the U.S. Air Force like my father, not for very long ... Read More »

I’ve got Merle Haggard’s greatest hits in one place. Gonna Miss you Hag

This rainy day is fitting for a day like today with news that Merle Haggard passed away. When we lose a legend like we have with Merle Haggard I’m thankful for the technology that exists today.  Instead of hunting through crates of albums, 8 tracks, cassettes I just went to YouTube and found this collection of The Hag’s music.  Saw ... Read More »