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LISTEN: Uber Drivers Doing GOOD!

Recently an Uber driver in New York helped deliver a baby in the back of his car, then Kelly told us about meeting a local Uber driver who did something really cool! Read More »

LISTEN: Bud and Broadway Talk to April’s Owner!

The world is watching and waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth. Bud and Broadway had lots of questions so we called April’s home, Harpursville Animal Adventure Park in NY. The owner, Jordan, even told us when the calf would be born. Read More »

LISTEN: Brad Paisley Announces Baby’s Gender

Bud and Broadway went backstage to meet Brad Paisley and told Brad all about Monica & Kyle’s wish that he reveal their baby’s gender. Brad did that plus brought them on stage, Bud and Broadway caught it all on video. It is a boy or girl?     Read More »