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Need a little unconditional love? Audrey could do the trick.

Well look who I found on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Audrey.  Doesn’t she just have the sweetest little face and that scruffy hair just makes me want to lean in for a yummy snuggle. This adorable little squirt is 5 yrs. old and only 8 lbs..  Joyfully, all of the puppy phase is done now all you have to ... Read More »

How about Bronson for your family?

Michelle at and her hubby have fostered a lot of dogs and they don’t remember a more charming and loving soul than this young man.  She adds “I want to introduce everyone to Bronson my foster pup.  I had to pick a name for him before I really got to know him so I tried to pick a strong ... Read More »

Got room for Bruce? Check out this beautiful dog.

So many individual these days speak of the challenges of unfairly being judge based on their exterior.  We are asked to be tolerant, accepting, and to not always judge a book by its cover.  Please understand that Bruce’s entire existence has been tethered to a short chain with life passing by.  He has had it rough thru NO fault of ... Read More »

Did you know that pets have special needs too?

My friend Ed has a bigger heart than I realized. He sent me pics of an addition to his family! Cooper was hit by a car and up for adoption and after they met they knew it’d be forever. Cooper is a Vizsla/Yellow Lab mix and seems to be fitting right in with the rest of the crew! Ed has ... Read More »


More great news from Cindy in Brighton, IL her mission in life is to help children that have a rough beginning and give them a place to call home forever!  Check out this phone call. So happy for you all! Cindy thank you for taking on this life’s mission. RROOFF!!! Bo Read More »

Adopt Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! RROOFF!!!

This week I ponder the different things that enjoy BOUNCING such as tennis balls, bounce houses, and trampolines but never would I include dogs.  You see they yearn for stability in their lives just like we do.  Well, poor Rudy has not yet found a partner willing to honor a forever commitment to him.  He wants a stable friend that ... Read More »


So how is your New Year’s Resolution going? You remember the one you made to take better care of yourself and be more physically fit? I have a perfect solution, it would be based on joy, laughter, fun, friendship and being active.  You see Darius wants a partner to “live” life fully, exploring the wonders of the neighborhood or world.  ... Read More »


Can you just imagine this under your Christmas tree?  Actually if she is like our cats she’ll be under it, up it, down it and I think she’s trying to sit on top. Well truly tenacity cannot be measured by mere size, for this pint size kitten has faced the battles presented and not only survived but is now flourishing. ... Read More »