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Thomas Rhett’s 4 Year Old Gives Him A Royal Nickname

Caught on an Instagram video, Thomas Rhett’s daughters Willa Gray (4) & Ada James (2) were playing dress up in the kitchen when one of them made a funny comment.…

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Fruit Loops Redesigned Toucan Sam and the World Hates It

But why? Of all the things in the world to redesign…Toucan Sam!? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

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First Friday Morning Party Jam!

These are crazy times. Things are weird. However, one thing is for certain…the weekend’s arrival needs to be celebrated! Happy Friday!

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Elmo to Debut NEW “Not-Too-Late-Show”

If your kids love Elmo, they’ll love this new series! Elmos is getting his own talk show.  He’ll host “The Not Too Late Show With Elmo” from his living room…

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Teacher Runs 50 Miles to Visit All of His Students

A Georgia teacher misses his class so much, he’s running 50 miles to check on them.  That’s how far he has to go to visit each of their homes.  #WhatsAwesome…

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The “Coors Light Clone Machine” May Be the Answer We Needed for Zoom Calls

Coors Light is making it easier to escape the constant video chats during the coronavirus pandemic.  It is creating a website that allows you to record yourself looking interested and…