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BIG 3: KINDA Tax Free, PGA Arrival & Phelps Got BEAT!

By Remy | August 3, 2018

1. While you won’t have to pay STATE taxes on qualifying items this weekend in Missouri…most cities will make you pay local taxes. Every little bit helps! FULL LIST OF OPT OUT CITIES 2. The PGA is coming to Bellerive Country Club…Tiger will be here! We’re just 6 days away from the 2018 #PGAChamp at …

BIG 3: Fortnite Tutors, Baby STL Zebra & Miracle Treat Day!

By Remy | August 2, 2018

1. Yes, the news is true..parents are hiring Fortnite tutors for their kids. 2. AHHH!!! Welcome to the world!! Go see the new Zebra at the St. Louis Zoo! 3. It’s Miracle Treat Day! Go grab a blizzard and help out our fantastic hospitals for kids! Cardinal Glennon and St. Louis Children’s Hospital benefit thanks …

It’s a Squishy Taco Friday Jam!

By Remy | August 1, 2018

Want a squishy taco?!

BIG 3: STL Lime Scooters, Apple Trillion & Aldean’s House For Sale

By Remy | August 1, 2018

1. The new, powered, Lime Scooters are now available to rent downtown! Shoutout to Bud from the Bud and Broadway Home Team for riding one all the way to the station from the arch this morning!! It took him 2 hours! 2. Apple is the first company worth over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS! 3. OMG Jason …

PODCAST: The First 3 Weeks Back in STL!

By Remy | July 31, 2018

It’s been a whirlwind these past 3 weeks!  Remy is struggling to find a house and Mason had an odd encounter with his new doctor! Find the podcast by searching “Mason & Remy” on your Apple Podcast app or listen below! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

BIG: Pham Traded, Drunk Spending & Shark Stolen w/Stroller

By Remy | July 31, 2018

1. Bye Bye Pham 🙁 Farewell from the NL Central, Tommy Pham. As a parting gift, here’s the time Tim McCarver said you didn’t have to worry at all about your monster lead because Jon Lester “is not gonna throw to first base” and then he immediately picked you off. — Bleacher Nation (@BleacherNation) …

Remy’s Son Leo Gets His FIRST Haircut!

By Remy | July 30, 2018

Leo was so nervous! The second the stylist started brushing his hair he was mesmerized. STUD. Here’s how Remy’s daughter reacted to her first haircut back in January of 2018!

BIG 3: Duck Boat Lawsuit, Sabrina Teenage Witch & Honest Thief

By Remy | July 30, 2018

1. The Duck Boat tragedy continues to unfold. A 100 million dollar lawsuit has now been filed.. 2. Netflix announces the return of Sabrina the Teenage Witch…kinda. All 10 episodes of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” will premiere October 26. #CAOS @sabrinanetflix — See What's Next (@seewhatsnext) July 29, 2018 3. An honest thief in …

It’s a Squishy Taco Kinda Friday!!!

By Remy | July 27, 2018

Grab a squishy taco when you see us next!

BIG 3: Energy Thief, Rats in Kiener Plaza & Another Recall!

By Remy | July 27, 2018

1. There is an energy drink thief in Caseville. The man is suspected of stealing at least 120 Red Bulls by shoving 4 packs down his pants. FULL STORY 2. Pick up your trash in Kiener Plaza! There are rats everywhere! FULL STORY 3. Yet another food recall! This time, Hungry-Man products… Hungry Man …