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BIG 3: South Korea Warning Shots, Ski Intros BrewSKI & Storm Bermuda Triangle

1. South Korea is sending a message to Russia after a military aircraft allegedly violated their air space. 2. Ski soda has been known for their signature lemon/orange citrus soda, but now they’re taking their citrus love and adding it to beer. 3. While a Facebook movement to storm Area 51 is gaining steam, a…

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The Stanley Cup Saw A LOT of St. Louis This Weekend!

The Stanley Cup was in St. Louis over the weekend and got the full tour!! Patrick Maroon got to have his day! Patrick Maroon starts his day off with breakfast…and that includes everyone! (Clayton, MO) #StanleyCup @StLouisBlues @NHL @HockeyHallFame — Philip Pritchard (@keeperofthecup) July 20, 2019 We’re assuming NOBODY has ever eaten toasted ravs…

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BIG 3: Bye Bye Heat, Naked Riders Get Paintballed & Meth Gator Update

1. Forecasters say the extreme heat that’s buckled roads and led to a number of deaths will break across the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast today and Tuesday. A dangerous #heatwave that has seared more than 200million #Americans from the Central U.S. to the East Coast over the weekend is about to come to an end,…

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BIG 3: HOT STL, Big St. Charles Fire & Cuddle w/Cows

1. Dangerous heat continues to hammer the St. Louis area. 2. No one is hurt after a fire broke out at a motorcycle shop in St. Charles. 3. You can now cuddle with a cow for a price.  For 75 bucks an hour, a bed and breakfast in upstate New York is offering cow therapy…

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BIG 3: Extreme Bi-State Heat, Toys R Us Comeback & Instagram Likes

1. The St. Louis area is in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. 2.The first two new Toys R Us stores — one in Texas, the other in New Jersey — will open in November as part of a small comeback of the defunct iconic toy chain in the U.S. 3. The next time…