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BIG 3: Disney Plus Still Hacked, Former Cards Up For HOF & S. Dakota Meth

1. Disney says its new Disney Plus streaming service doesn’t have a security breach, but some users have been shut out after hackers tried to break into their accounts. 2. Four former Cardinals are in the running for the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Scott Rolen, Rafael Furcal, Brad Penny and Larry Walker are all on the 2020…

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BIG 3: Chem Teachers Made Meth, 2 Jumped Off AT&T Building & Rent an Igloo STL

1. A pair of chemistry professors in Arkansas are facing charges for allegedly cooking up meth. 2. A video posted to the social media site Reddit night has people talking. The video appears to show video of two people parachuting down from the top of the now-vacant One AT&T Center in downtown St. Louis on…

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VIDEO: Snow, a Meteor and a CMA Win!

It was an eventful week in the Lou!! Happy Friday!

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BIG 3: Get A Flu Shot, Ozuna Passes & $1000 for Watching Hallmark Movies?

1. It’s that time of the year for flu shots.  Health officials are recommending flu shots for everyone who is over six months old. 2. Marcell Ozuna is rejecting the Cardinals’ qualifying offer. Now that Marcell Ozuna has declined his qualifying offer, what does it mean for the #STLCards? — Anne Rogers (@anne__rogers) November…

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BIG 3: Shildt Wins BIG, $25k Reward For Meteor & Costa Rica Bans Animal Selfies

1. Cardinals skipper Mike Shildt is the National League Manager of the Year. 2.A museum in Maine made an announcement hoping people will turn their gaze to the ground in search of a piece of the meteor. 3. It’s tempting to take photos of wild animals on vacation but Costa Rica says don’t make it…

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BIG 3: Record STL Snow, Meteor Over Metro & Disney Plus Issues

1. St. Louis is coming off a historic day of weather.  The National Weather Service says one-point-five inches of snow fell in the city yesterday. 2. Social media is abuzz after what appeared to be a meteor was spotted streaking across the sky in the St. Louis area. 3. The launch of the Disney-Plus subscription…