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Kate ran into Eric Church at the hotel bar…

By Mason | January 28, 2019

Wow, what a great story of being in the right place at the right time! Sitting at the hotel bar when Eric Church walks in & hands out pit passes! Listen to Kate talk about what happened from today’s Podcast!

Remy in & on Rent

By Mason | January 28, 2019

Remy LOVES theater & as you’ll see in the clip below, used to perform as well! What did he think of the ‘live’ version of Rent on Fox last night? Should they have had Remy in the show? Listen to his performance & his review on the show today!

BIG 3: Shutdown OVER, Frigid Air & Hitchhiking Leeches

By Remy | January 28, 2019

1. The 35-day partial government shutdown is over, sending hundreds of thousands of workers back to work today. 2. As many as 31 states and millions of Americans are under advisories as a brutal winter storm pounds the Midwest as it heads towards the Northeast. Surges of cold polar air are blasting the Midwest with …

VIDEO: Friday Party Jam

By Remy | January 25, 2019

The Cubs are talkin’ trash and Mother Nature is all over the place!! Happy Friday!

BIG 3: Digital License Plates, Busch Goes LED & Tom Brady Cheats?

By Remy | January 25, 2019

1. Drivers in Arizona can now get a digital license plate. The R-plate Digital License Plate is an LTE wireless connected device that looks similar to a tablet. 2. The reason we can’t afford Bryce Harper or Manny Machado…the Cardinals are going green and spending green on new LED lights for the stadium. LOL! A …

A Valentines Day tradition, but not this year…

By Mason | January 24, 2019

What will be missing from your Valentines Day in 2019? The candy company tasked with creating sweet messages & sweet treats went out of business last year. Listen to today’s podcast to hear the story & find more below! Sweethearts Candy Hearts Are Not Available This Valentine's Day for the First Time in 153 Years …

BIG 3: Still Shutdown, Flour Salmonella & STL Pothole Season

By Remy | January 24, 2019

1. The partial shutdown of the federal government will go on. 2. Possible salmonella contamination is prompting General Mills to recall Gold Medal Unbleached Flour. General Mills voluntarily recalls some bags of its Gold Medal Unbleached Flour because of salmonella concerns. — The Associated Press (@AP) January 24, 2019 3. This pothole season has …

How did you learn how to drive?

By Mason | January 23, 2019

Mason has a kid who’ll be turning 15 this year in the house & he’s looking to learn how to drive. Is it okay to take the kids out on the actual road before they get to the classes & the test? Listen to the calls that came in about this from today’s show & …

BIG 3: State of the Union, Chik-Fil-A’s in STL & Not Enough Babies

By Remy | January 23, 2019

1. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is formally calling off the State of the Union address in the House chamber until the partial government shutdown ends. 2. Two Chick-fil-A restaurants are opening in North St. Louis County next week. Chik-fil-A opening two new franchises in Florissant, Bridgeton — All things St. Louis (@WeLoveSTL) January …

Remy’s Potty Training Weekend Results Are IN..

By Mason | January 22, 2019

How did Emerson do? Listen to this segment from today’s show to hear Remy, his wife Lauren & Emerson herself talk about the weekend spent saying goodbye to diapers. How did it all go down, what words can we use & what did she get as a reward? LISTEN to find out!