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BIG 3: Ebola in Philly, STL Zoo Baby Boom & Washington Hair Sells for $35k

By Remy | February 6, 2019

1. A Philadelphia hospital is monitoring a patient for Ebola. 2. There is a baby boom at the Saint Louis Zoo. Over a 10-week period, Nov. 20-Jan. 30, 11 ungulate calves were born at the Zoo! The three Speke’s gazelles, two addaxes, a Soemmerring’s gazelle, a Grevy’s zebra, two lesser kudus and two lowland nyalas …

BIG 3: State of the Union, Blake Snyder Trial & Stolen Key Lime Pie

By Remy | February 5, 2019

1. President Trump is set to deliver the annual State of the Union address tonight. 2. The trial of a man accused of killing St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder is underway. Trial set to start Monday in killing of St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder in 2016 — St. Louis Post-Dispatch …

BIG 3: Patriots Win, Kroenke Loses & Year of the Pig

By Remy | February 4, 2019

1. Patriots Nation is excited to celebrate the team’s sixth Super Bowl title with a parade through Boston. 2. The Stan Kroenke hate was real last night! 3. Some Americans and many around the world will be welcoming in the Year of the Pig Tuesday night for Chinese New Year. Celebrations begin across Asia on …

BIG 3: Google+ Shutdown, Arch Back Open & Fired for Tom Brady TV Graphic

By Remy | February 1, 2019

1. Google’s social media network, Google+, will officially shut down on April 2, the company announced this week. Google to shut down Google Plus accounts in April — The Hill (@thehill) January 31, 2019 2. The Arch reopened Sunday after it was closed during a record 35-day shutdown that sidelined dozens of workers. …

Remy picks the Rams to win the Super Bowl?!

By Mason | January 31, 2019

As if he’s not on the air in STL, Remy declared his love for the Rams on the show today. Does ANYBODY in the STL region still support this team? Listen to today’s podcast to find out.

Remy’s dog predicts the Super Bowl!

By Mason | January 31, 2019

Remy talks about the tradition he & his pooch started almost 8 years ago. Listen to the chat from the show & watch his dog predict the out come of the game between New England and St Lou….. I mean… Los Angeles.

BIG 3: Govt. Employees Paid, MIZZOU in Trouble & Blues to 101ESPN

By Remy | January 31, 2019

1. Most of the 800-thousand federal workers furloughed through the government shutdown are receiving paychecks today. 2. The NCAA released a statement Thursday morning stating a former Mizzou tutor violated ethical conduct, academic misconduct and extra benefit rules when she completed work for 12 student-athletes. The NCAA has hit Mizzou football with a 2019 postseason …

BIG 3: Extreme COLD, 3rd Trolley on the Loop & Elsa Arrested

By Remy | January 30, 2019

1. More than three-quarters of Americans are dealing with snow, bone-chilling winds and breathtakingly cold temperatures. The National Weather Services estimates more than 250-million people will be in freezing. 2. A third car is being added to the Loop Trolley system in St. Louis. 3rd Delmar Loop Trolley car to be delivered Tuesday #KMOV …

Predict the frigid temp & win your Country Megaticket!

By Mason | January 29, 2019

The 2019 Country Megaticket for STL goes on sale FRIDAY! You could win one this week if you can properly predict the low temp over night. Click thru to the Facebook status to get entered to win Lawn Seats for all the shows on the Country Megaticket! Listen to the guys talk about the contest …

BIG 3: POLAR VORTEX, Better Together STL & Kroenke Sucks Pretzels!

By Remy | January 29, 2019

1. Dangerously cold temperatures are making their way across the Midwest and Great Lakes. 2. Better Together” have released their plan to merge St. Loius City and County governments. The proposal would combine most municipal services including police, but doesn’t touch fire and school districts. After engaging in five years of research and critical public …