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Mason & Remy Party Jam

Mason & Remy Party Jam

VIDEO: We’re Going to Mexico!!

By Remy | October 19, 2018

Another Friday means another weekend should be celebrated!! This weekend we’re taking a bunch of listeners to Mexico with us!!

VIDEO: It’s a COLD and CHILLY Friday Party Jam!

By Remy | October 12, 2018

We asked for it right? A dramatic turn in weather has caused us to sing about it in our Friday Party Jam!

VIDEO: Baseball Over, Hockey Commences! LGB!

By Remy | October 5, 2018

Happy Friday! Hockey season is here!!

VIDEO: Officially Fall Friday Jam

By Remy | September 28, 2018

Happy Friday!! Have a great, cool, weekend! s

FRIDAY JAM: It’s Fall in STL!

By Remy | September 21, 2018

Remy’s arms are sore from hitting over 7000 balls at Top Golf for the Humane Society of Missouri and OMG FALL STARTS TOMORROW!

FRIDAY JAM: Buenos Mojos Salsa SOLD OUT!

By Remy | September 14, 2018

Now that Matt Carpenter’s famous magic salsa is available…the masses want a taste. Unfortunately, it sold out QUICKLY! Have patience, you will taste it soon enough!

Friday Jam: LouFest Cancelled, Torrential Downpours…

By Remy | September 7, 2018

What a week…and it was a short one for a lot of us! Lots of rain, LouFest is cancelled, BG & Kid Rock! Let’s sing about it!

FRIDAY JAM: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

By Remy | August 31, 2018

We hope you get to enjoy a long weekend! Happy Friday!

FRIDAY JAM: Luke, Sam, Jingle Fest and MORE!

By Remy | August 24, 2018

It was a great week! Let’s celebrate the weekend’s arrival with a song!

FRIDAY JAM: Back To School!

By Remy | August 17, 2018

There’s so much going on! Back to school, Jingle Fest, Luke/Sam show, Cardinals…AHHH!! Happy Friday!