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Mason & Remy Party Jam

Mason & Remy Party Jam


By Remy | December 7, 2018

JingleFest is finally here!! See you tomorrow! Happy Friday 🙂

VIDEO: How is it December Already?! Friday Party Jam

By Remy | November 30, 2018

Seriously, we are 31 days away from 2019. CRAZY how fast this year has flown by. At least it’s Friday!!

VIDEO: First BIG SNOW in STL Friday Jam!

By Remy | November 16, 2018

We had our first BIG SNOW this week in St. Louis, Bud & Broadway won a CMA, Remy tried the BLAZIN sauce at B Dubs and more! Happy Friday!

VIDEO: Snow in STL?! Friday Party Jam

By Remy | November 9, 2018

SNOWMAGEDDON IN ST LOUIS!!! Ok, maybe not…but we definitely got our first snow of the season! Stay warm! Happy Friday 🙂

VIDEO: How Is It NOVEMBER Already!?

By Remy | November 2, 2018

Seriously, it’s November. Do you see that over there…it’s New Year’s Eve! Happy Friday y’all!

VIDEO: From Mexico to Halloween – Friday Party Jam

By Remy | October 26, 2018

We JUST got back from Mexico and now, onto Halloween! We could get used to these 2 days weeks! 😉

VIDEO: We’re Going to Mexico!!

By Remy | October 19, 2018

Another Friday means another weekend should be celebrated!! This weekend we’re taking a bunch of listeners to Mexico with us!!

VIDEO: It’s a COLD and CHILLY Friday Party Jam!

By Remy | October 12, 2018

We asked for it right? A dramatic turn in weather has caused us to sing about it in our Friday Party Jam!

VIDEO: Baseball Over, Hockey Commences! LGB!

By Remy | October 5, 2018

Happy Friday! Hockey season is here!!

VIDEO: Officially Fall Friday Jam

By Remy | September 28, 2018

Happy Friday!! Have a great, cool, weekend! s