Mason & Remy’s Big 3

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Costco Selling Baseball Signed by Babe Ruth for $30k

While you’re picking up bulk candy bars and 4000 packs of ziplock bags, make sure to throw a baseball signed by Babe Ruth! Ok, kinda…Costco is selling game-used baseball memorabilia…

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Home Pool Sales Spike Nationwide

We’ve seen spikes in disinfectant demand, video game play is up and also up…swimming pool sales.

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MLB owners allegedly approve proposal to start season

Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!!! We can’t wait to see some baseball on tv!

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BIG 3: MO Reopening, STL Still Closed & Secretariat Wins..again!

1. Missouri is reopening for business today.  Many businesses and social events are reopening after being shuttered for weeks. 2. The City of St. Louis and the County are not…