Mason & Remy’s Big 3

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BIG 3: Dorian Now a CAT 3, Blues Practice Facility & NERDS Slurpee

1. Hurricane Dorian is now a category three storm after its maximum sustained winds reached 115 miles-per-hour./p> 2.The Centene Community Ice Center will open to the public on Saturday, Sept. 7. The Blues’ Bobby Plager helps break in the ice at the team’s new practice facility – The Athletic— Centene Community Ice Center (@STLCIC) August 23,…

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BIG 3: Hurricane Dorian, Rabies in Madison County & Win 1 Ton of Mac & Cheese

1. Hurricane Dorian is expected to strengthen as it moves over the Atlantic Ocean. p> 2. A bat tested positive for rabies in Godfrey. According to Madison County Animal Care and Control, this is the first bat to test positive in 2019. /p> Warning for pet owners: A bat tested positive for rabies in Madison…

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BIG 3: Flash Flooding, Cards Sweep & Man Mows Across USA

1. Flash flooding is causing issues across the St. Louis area during the Monday morning commute. 2. Matt Carpenter and Lane Thomas homered as the Cardinals hammered the Rockies 11-4 yesterday at Busch Stadium. 3. A man is on a nationwide lawn mowing tour and he’s in Des Moines, Iowa today as part of that…

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BIG 3: Amazon Fires, Bommarito 500 & Fried Chicken Pizza

1. Record numbers of fires are burning in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. 2. The Bommarito Automotive Group 500 is expected to be a sellout. 3. Pizza Hut is testing fried chicken pizza. Pizza Hut Is Testing Out Fried Chicken Pizza, And It’s The Crossover We Never Knew We Needed — (@DelishDotCom) August 20, 2019

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BIG 3: 6 Mass Shootings Thwarted, STL XFL Team & Alienstock State of Emergency

1. A new report says U.S. authorities have thwarted six mass shootings since the deadly attack in El Paso.  6 different #massshooting plots stopped in the last 2 weeks (two with nexus to schools). Citizens making reports and strong relationships between federal, state, and local law enforcement helped stop these incidents. #schoolshootings Report by @guardian…