Mason & Remy’s Big 3

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Apparently, We’ve All Been Brushing Our Teeth the WRONG WAY

Sooooooooo, you’re tell us we’ve been brushing our teeth the wrong way all along? Other than this process taking a lot longer than a normal brush, it makes sense. From…

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BIG 3: Peaceful Protests, No New Cases From Ozarks & Crestwood Project Shelved

1. Protests against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week drew hundreds across the region last night. 2. Missouri heath officials say no new COVID-19 cases have been…

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Jeff Lowe says Carole Baskin is Getting a “Haunted” Zoo

It doesn’t seem like Jeff Lowe is too upset about losing Joe Exotic’s zoo. He says Carole Baskin is getting more than she bargained for… Jeff Lowe says the property…

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BIG 3: $100k Reward, STL Curfew and Illinois Cocktail Pickup & Delivery

1. A 100-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information in the shootings of four St. Louis police officers late Monday night. SPREAD THE WORD: There's now a $100,000 reward for…

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Carole Baskin Awarded Joe Exotic’s Zoo!

The zoo that once belonged to ‘Tiger King” Joe Exotic is now the property of his longtime rival, Carole Baskin and her Big Cat Rescue Corporation.  The current caretaker, Jeff Lowe has…

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Ferguson Volunteers Help to Clean Up After Protests

People of all ages and all races came together to clean up after a night of destruction in Ferguson.