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VIDEO: Remy’s Package is SOFT

By Remy | February 15, 2019

Thanks to Deidre from promotions for this LOVELY package! I’ll sleep with my package tonight for sure!

BIG 3: National Emergency, MODOT Warning & Carlton Denied

By Remy | February 15, 2019

1. President Trump is confirming he will declare a national emergency in order to secure funding to build a wall at the southern border. 2. MODOT is advising motorists to limit travel today and throughout the weekend as a series of winter storms will impact roads across the state. 3. The U.S. Copyright Office is …

BIG 3: More Planes to Land in Mississippi River, Love Scams & Bathroom Bomb Threat

By Remy | February 14, 2019

1. It happened again! Emergency crews responded to a stretch of the Mississippi River near I-270 and Riverview Thursday morning. 2. Love isn’t the only thing in the air on this Valentine’s Day. Consumer advocates warn that romance scams are soaring. 3. A report of a bomb threat at Home Depot in Kansas turned out …

BIG 3: Potential Shutdown, STL Ferris Wheel & V-Day Spending Up

By Remy | February 13, 2019

1. It appears as if we may avoid another government shutdown! 2. Plans are underway to bring a Ferris wheel to Union Station in downtown St. Louis. 3. A decade ago, the share of Americans taking part in romantic activity on February 14th stood at 63% and that has now fallen to just 51%. If …

BIG 3: El Chapo Guilty, Johnny Macs closing & Ted Drewes OPEN!

By Remy | February 12, 2019

1. A jury is finding El Chapo guilty on all counts in his drug conspiracy and money laundering trial. 2. Johnny Mac’s sporting goods have announced that their stores are closing. 3. Ted Drewes frozen custard re-opens for the season today. We are officially open! Come celebrate our 90th anniversary! #90years #STLProud #TeamSTL — …

BIG 3: Govt. Shutdown Looms, Grammy Recap & MIZZOU E-Sports team!

By Remy | February 11, 2019

1. Another partial government shutdown is looming. Time is running out to avoid a second partial U.S. government shutdown — Bloomberg Economics (@economics) February 11, 2019 2. Kacey Musgraves is country music’s biggest winner following the 2019 GRAMMY Awards last night in L.A. 3. Mizzou is joining the ranks of schools with e-sports teams. …

BIG 3: Govt ‘Close to Deal,’ STL Amber Alert & Creep Delta Napkins

By Remy | February 7, 2019

1. President Trump says Congress could be close to a deal to keep the government open. "I think we're very close to a deal" to end the partial government shutdown, says Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) January 9, 2019 2. Did you get an early …

BIG 3: Ebola in Philly, STL Zoo Baby Boom & Washington Hair Sells for $35k

By Remy | February 6, 2019

1. A Philadelphia hospital is monitoring a patient for Ebola. 2. There is a baby boom at the Saint Louis Zoo. Over a 10-week period, Nov. 20-Jan. 30, 11 ungulate calves were born at the Zoo! The three Speke’s gazelles, two addaxes, a Soemmerring’s gazelle, a Grevy’s zebra, two lesser kudus and two lowland nyalas …

BIG 3: State of the Union, Blake Snyder Trial & Stolen Key Lime Pie

By Remy | February 5, 2019

1. President Trump is set to deliver the annual State of the Union address tonight. 2. The trial of a man accused of killing St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder is underway. Trial set to start Monday in killing of St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder in 2016 — St. Louis Post-Dispatch …

BIG 3: Patriots Win, Kroenke Loses & Year of the Pig

By Remy | February 4, 2019

1. Patriots Nation is excited to celebrate the team’s sixth Super Bowl title with a parade through Boston. 2. The Stan Kroenke hate was real last night! 3. Some Americans and many around the world will be welcoming in the Year of the Pig Tuesday night for Chinese New Year. Celebrations begin across Asia on …