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Maren Donates 70k to High School Band Program

Last week, Maren Morris donated $70,000 to the school band program at East Nashville Magnet High School by way of her Heroes Fund, the charity started by the singer. Morris tells the Tennessean that “public school music and theater departments [have] always held a special place in my heart.” She remembers how her high school choir had to perform in “decade-old hand me down uniforms and sightread from torn books.”

She goes on, “Now that I am where I am, it gives me so much joy to give back money to the spark that enflamed my interest as a creative human being. With so much uncertainty for public schools this year during COVID, I wanted East Nashville Magnet to have one less worry for their fine arts department.”

Around the same time, Morris pledged $10,000 to East Nashville watering hole the Fox Bar and Cocktail Club. It’s just one of the many taverns in the city that has kept their doors closed amid the pandemic.

She explained, “Broadway bars taking advantage of these loopholes right now are cannibalizing our Nashville small businesses who have been following the health orders since day 1. Going to donate to my friends at The Fox because this is absolutely heartbreaking.”

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