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Luke Bryan Wants THIS ARTIST to Win CMA EOTY

Luke Bryan struggled to respond to Garth Brooks‘ announcement that he wishes to permanently remove himself from Entertainer of the Year consideration at the CMA Awards, but had no trouble naming two artists he feels are overdue for a win in this category.

Bryan, a two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year himself, makes it clear that the award means something to him, but at this point, simply being nominated feels like winning.

“I truly believe that when I won, I was deserving.. Hell, I really felt like the best entertainer that year. And there’s been years where I felt like the best entertainer and I didn’t win, but that’s just the way it goes.”

So which artists does he believe should also win the iconic award?

“My thought is, if we go for some long period of time and Carrie Underwood never wins a CMA Entertainer of the Year, that’s quite disturbing for me, because she’s definitely … she’s done everything you can do to win, in my opinion. And that also goes for Eric Church.”