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LISTEN: Brett Young Recalls Independence Day In SoCal Growing Up

I think it’s fair to assume that SoCal on Independence Day is a touch different than the Fourth here in metro St. Louis. For one, there are more beaches, which is typically how Nashville’s Brett Young spent his holidays growing up. “I used to spend every single 4th of July down in Newport Beach, which is the neighboring city to Huntington where I grew up. And they closed down the whole peninsula, and it’s just a foot traffic only no cars, and you just get down there on your beach cruiser and you ride around.”

He goes onto say, “All the houses on the boardwalk there are having some sort of party on their patio, and you’re gonna know somebody every fifth or sixth house.  And you just kind of drive down, pop in, see your friends, and by the time you’re done you’re sunburned and exhausted and you ride back up the hill and you call it a day.”

Listen to the audio below and let us know what your 4th of July consists of at the New Country 92.3 Facebook page!