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Garth Brooks Withdraws Himself from CMA EOTY Category

GARTH BROOKS has won the award for CMA ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR 7 times. So this year he decided to take some things into his own hands. He announced that he’d like to pull himself from that CMA award category moving forward. 

He admitted he made the decision because of a tweet he couldn’t stop thinking about.

It said, ‘Hey, man. This guy, why doesn’t he just step down (and leave) the entertainer for the next generation?’ & he said he 100% agrees.

Garth said, “The last thing I want to do is seem ungrateful, but it’s time for somebody else to hold that award … ’cause they’re all out there busting their butts.”

CAN HE DO THAT? His name still may appear on the ballot, but it will be left to the fans that vote to decide whether or not he is chosen for the award. 

Blake Shelton made waves with fans by also commenting on Twitter: