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Dierks Loves To Hang With Fans Before His Concerts!

Next time you are at a Dierks Bentley concert, keep your eyes open for Dierks to be out tailgating with fans.  One of the things Dierks likes to bring with him on tour is his Jeep so that he can hit the parking lot and tailgate with unsuspecting fans who arrived early and are tailgating.  Dierks says that “there is ... Read More »

Dierks Bentley To Open Third Whiskey Row

Dierks Bentley is getting ready to open his third Whiskey Row Restaurant in three years.  In 2013, Dierks teamed up with Riot Hospitality to create Whiskey Row which is described on the restaurant’s website as “a modern country bar with fresh American cuisine and stimulating nightlife”.  This newest location of Whiskey Row will open in Gilbert, AZ on February 27, ... Read More »

Luke Bryan keeping his music family friendly!

As a Dad with young kids I always appreciate it when artists think about the things they say and do.  Luke Bryan wants to make sure that even his young fans can listen to his music without offensive language in the lyrics.  In a recent interview with “Billboard” about his new song “Fast” and explained that the original chorus featured ... Read More »

How do you keep your pet from eating your Christmas tree?

We have 2 cats, one we have had since our oldest daughter was 5, and the other one we adopted about a year ago.  Butterscotch, our older cat, likes to sleep under our Christmas tree.  She really doesn’t bother anything or try to eat our tree or other Christmas decor.  Inkpot, our younger cat, is always into trouble lately.  It ... Read More »

Your Child Can Receive A Letter Postmarked North Pole

My kids love this time of year because they get to put up the Christmas decorations, bake more cookies than usual, sing Christmas carols, oh yea, and write that letter to Santa.  I know that my kids would love to get a letter back from Santa, but can that really happen, it is his busy season:)? Actually, it can happen, ... Read More »

8 Things To Do In The Lou Thanksgiving Weekend!

Looking for something to do over the holiday weekend?  Well, here are 8 things that you can do over the holiday weekend: Visit the Gateway Arch. It has extended hours on Friday and Saturday. Explore the St. Louis Zoo. Yep, the Zoo is open on Thanksgiving Day! Go to a movie. My kids are wanting me to take them to ... Read More »

A Husband Nursery!

It’s that time of year again where shopping is the weekend sport.  I will tell you that I don’t enjoy shopping.  I like to go in a store, get what I need and get out.  My wife can spend hours just walking from store to store looking around.  So I think a mall in Shanghai has the perfect solution!  It’s ... Read More »

The Most Annoying Toy, EVER!

You know that one toy that your kids have that you dread.  The one you keep delaying putting the new set of batteries in so that it works again.  We have not one, but 4 of them.  No, they are not all different kinds of toys, but 4 of the same toy…..furbies.  I think the furbies are the most annoying ... Read More »

Crazy Pets!

We have two cats and a dog that are part of our family.  My oldest daughter has become very interested in other types of animals for pets though.  She has taken some horseback riding lessons and would love to take more and eventually have a horse.  I think she has realized that a horse in not in the near future ... Read More »