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Community Raises Money for a Child’s Service Dog

Luke's Dog Blog
Luke’s Dog Blog

Luke Berridge has high functioning Autism, but the family says he still has anxiety and episodes in which he needs additional help.

Now that he is growing up, his parents want him to gain more independence. After researching for a few months, his mother Jessica was sold on the idea of a service dog.

When she learned how much it would cost, the family decided to fundraise by baking brownies.

It took just two weeks to raise almost $4,000.

The family posts updates of the baking and dog search on a Facebook page called “Luke’s Dog Blog” and will soon post the dog with his or her name when they pick him or her out.

Until then, Luke want’s to let the community know how much this means to him.

“Thank you for helping me get my service dog!” Luke posted.

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Luke's Dog Blog
Luke’s Dog Blog