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LISTEN: Get Happy

It’s Monday – so let’s get happy! Bud and Broadway ask who are ya, where are ya and why are you happy?

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LISTEN: Did You Pull a Senior Prank?

Just before graduation a lot of Seniors pull pranks…so we had to know what did you do? Y’all are creative!

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LISTEN: That’s All I Need to Know About You 5/20

When you get pulled over for speeding, but the cop gives you a warning because you have beautiful eyes…that’s all I need to know about you! Call us with your stories about the moments in that make you think, “That’s All I Need to Know About You,” each morning at 7:50a! Call 314.969.9230 from MO…


LISTEN: Bud and Broadway University 5/20

Each morning Bud and Broadway like to teach ya a little something…we call it Bud and Broadway University!

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TRENDING: Blues WIN 5-0, GOT Finale & College Tuition PAID for!

TRENDING TODAY – Powered by Amco Ranger, protecting people and property from pests since 1965. The St. Louis Blues shut out the Sharks yesterday in Game 5, winning 5-0. The Blues now lead the series 3-2 and they return home for Game 6 Tuesday night. The Game of Thrones finale was last night and many fans…


LISTEN: Finally Friday Emails

Every Friday before we can leave for the weekend we have to reply to all of our emails. This week they go out to Batman Fans, NHL Refs, the St. Louis Blues and Weed Eater Stringers.