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LISTEN: Bud And Broadway 04/08 – What People Are Playing

Bud and Broadway 0408 – Bud and Broadway ask the question of which games are you and family playing at home during this stay at home order. Turns out people are playing Yahtzee, Clue, and Rack-O are among those.

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LISTEN: Bud And Broadway 0408 – Hard Hat Ends Up In Ireland

Bud and Broadway 0408 – A hard hat falls into the Mississippi River in 2015 which eventually drains into the gulf, and washes up on a beach in Ireland 4,300 miles away from Louisiana. Now the residents who found the hard hat are mailing it back to the original owner.


LISTEN: Sweet Becca From The Country Mecca 04/08

Sweet Becca talks to Tyler from Florida Georgia Line about having another boy in the fall and having 3 kids under 3 and what it’s been like for them. Eric Church shares a piece of thought during his ACM Presents performance about hope.


LISTEN: Bud And Broadway 04/07 – Grayson’s Pandora Channels

Bud and Broadway 04/07 – Broadway’s son Grayson get’s ahold of dad’s phone only to have him realize the explosion of new Pandora stations that are now a part of his playlist.

Cropped image of handsome friends clinking bottles of beer and smiling while resting at the pub

LISTEN: Bud And Broadway 04/07 – COVID-19 ‘Take A Drink’

Bud and Broadway 04/07 – Bud and Broadway take a page out of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s book and turn your coronavirus tips into a drinking game by adding “take a drink” at the end.


LISTEN: Sweet Becca From The Country Mecca 04/07

Sweet Becca talks to Keith Urban about making the best of the downtime and his love of being able to stay connected with everyone while still being creative, and discusses what his house is like with games like Apples to Apples and some piano play with the kids and wife Nicole Kidman. Old Dominion talks…