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LOCAL. FUNNY! Bud and Broadway broadcast on the CMA Major Market Station of the year. Last month we played 461 more songs, 23 hour of more country than the other guys!


Bud and Broadway Backstage w/ Devin Dawson & Hardy

While in Las Vegas for the ACM Awards Bud and Broadway had the opportunity to see lots of new country acts including Devin Dawson & Hardy!


LISTEN: Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca 4/23

Every morning at 6:36,7:36, 8:36 Becca updates us on what’s trending in country music. Dan + Shay have had a lot of success the past few years, but not a lot has changed for them. Brett Eldredge playing at Off Broadway courtesy of Bud Light (win tickets) & Jason Aldean ACM Artist of the Decade.

Film camera chalkboard , movie camera, roll and popcorn on wooden planks.

LISTEN: Bud & Becca Went to Shazam!

Bud and Becca went to see Shazam over the weekend. The entire experience wasn’t the best…

Ted Drewes Filmore

LISTEN: STL Bus Tour w/ Filmore

What a great day…we went on a tour of STL with Filmore. He was happy to be home and wanted some hometown favorites…Imo’s Pizza, Ted Drewes and we even visited his old High School – Lafayette.

Grayson Wheelchair

LISTEN: Broadway Got Sent to His Room!

Grayson nearly sent his Dad, Broadway, to his room the other night. He also asked to hear Daddy Radio…which was adorable!

Novi Sad, Serbia - March 24, 2016: Close-up of an unrecognizable woman using the Uber App on her Lenovo A916 smartphone in a car. Uber mobile app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

LISTEN: Worst Uber XL Ride

When we order an Uber XL and you show up with a VERY small SUV…without air conditioning on a 85 degree day, that’s all I need to know about you. Unfortunately it happened to the Bud and Broadway Home Team!