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70 degrees and over, don’t take Rover!

By Bo Matthews | April 26, 2018

Most already know this but still great reminders when it comes to pets and the warm weather. Never leave a pet unattended in a parked car when the temperature is near or above 70 degrees. This is especially tricky when the weather is just beginning to get warmer, as pet parents don’t notice the danger …


By Bo Matthews | April 16, 2018

A guy in Oakland, California, has uploaded video from his Nest IQ outdoor camera. It shows a delivery driver trying to deliver a package from Amazon at the man’s home. “Trying” — because the driver decided to skip climbing some stairs to get to the front door and instead attempted to toss the package up. …

Have you seen the giant bumper stickers around town?

By Bo Matthews | April 4, 2018

Where have you seen these giant New Country 923 bumper stickers? They’re all over the St. Louis metro…I saw this one at Hwy 270 near Hwy 55. Of course they are billboards and it’s been years since we’ve handed out bumper stickers because most people don’t put bumper stickers on their vehicles. We’ve handed out …

Got room? You could wake up to Octavia every morning!

By Bo Matthews | March 13, 2018

    Look who I spotted on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Octavia. This young lady sat in a concrete kennel at an animal control facility waiting to be saved.  Happily, Needy Paws Rescue is in the business of second chances and was able to scoop her up and place her in a safe and …

Imagine not stopping at a gas station, yet your tank never reaches Empty! WWHHAAA???

By Bo Matthews | February 27, 2018

Fellow drivers it’s all about time saving convenience right? I spoke with the COO and Founding member Bryan Frist of Yoshi about how you can save time with their On-Demand vehicle fueling and maintenance service that launched this week in St. Louis. Bryan also talks about getting St. Louis drivers started with a savings at …

Truly a better way to shave and save!

By Bo Matthews | February 1, 2018

Go to Harry’s and use PROMO CODE: DAWG for this special offer! What you get in the box: A weighted ergonomic handle 5 precision-engineered blades with a lubricating strip, and trimmer blade Rich lathering shave gel A convenient travel blade cover PLUS a bottle of their post shave balm!

Canyon! His name matches how big his heart is.

By Bo Matthews | January 30, 2018

Look who I spotted on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Canyon. When I look at this sweet boy’s face I find it enticing, drawing me in for a greeting and a hug.   With his endearing eyes, engaging personality, loving heart, and perfect travel size he offers everything anyone could wish for.  Canyon is a 1.5 …

Country Dawg meets City Dawg! Nicknames

By Bo Matthews | January 29, 2018

Country Dawg meets City Dawg: Kelly joins me for a quick visit about nicknames…oh and our weights when we were born! RROOFF!!! Bo  

Got room for a bunny? Really it’s a dog named Bunny!

By Bo Matthews | January 23, 2018

Look who I spotted on the Needy Paws Rescue website, Bunny. Knowing that this young lady has dealt with lots of ups and downs in her short life tells me a lot about her character; she’s a survivor.  She has endured loss, rejection, instability, heartache, and a HURRICANE.  Yet, all those challenges and more have …

Bigfoot…where it all began? What’s new for 2018? Find out here!

By Bo Matthews | January 19, 2018

People ask me all the time why I built Bofoot, because I grew up the biggest BigFoot fan in the world. So I took a little trip to Pacific, MO to talk with Bob Chandler, the creator of The Original Monster Truck Bigfoot, talk to Larry Swim veteran driver and meet the newest members of …