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Meet this week’s St. Louis RV’s Salute to Service winner.

Congratulations to Courtney from the U.S. Air Force. When I called Aunt Kelly to tell her the good news I had her niece Courtney who she nominated listening in on the phone line to hear how proud her family is of her accomplishments. “My niece Courtney joined the air force 9 years ago out of high school. She has been ... Read More »

Country Dawg v. City Dawg

This is the first and hopefully the beginning of many chats with a Country Dawg (me) and a City Dawg (Kelly). I’ve known Kelly for a long time and every time we see each other we talk about anything and everything. I quickly realized that although I grew up and live in the country, and he grew up and lives ... Read More »

100 Things to do in STL before you DIIIEEEEE!!! It’s a book!

You might be surprised what you are missing in St. Louis. Meet Amanda E. Doyle the author of 100 things to do in St. Louis before you die. Get this book now!  Learn more at the Facebook page for the book. Take a listen to our conversation Thanks Amanda for joining me in the studio…good luck on this book. RROOFF!!! ... Read More »

Humane Society of Missouri returns with animals affected by hurricanes.

There’s no better time to consider a shelter pet than now. I’m so thankful for the hard work the Humane Society of MO does here in the St. Louis Metro and beyond. There are several ways to help…make a donation, adopt an animal or two, or buy Urban Chestnut’s Urban Underdog and raise a pint for pets. Humane Society of ... Read More »