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Bigfoot…where it all began? What’s new for 2018? Find out here!

People ask me all the time why I built Bofoot, because I grew up the biggest BigFoot fan in the world. So I took a little trip to Pacific, MO to talk with Bob Chandler, the creator of The Original Monster Truck Bigfoot, talk to Larry Swim veteran driver and meet the newest members of Team Bigfoot the Christian and ... Read More »

Considering a shelter pet or any pet as a Christmas gift? Read on please

This is Kal Words of wisdom from my friend Michelle! Please make sure the recipient is up for the responsibility. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that someone special this year?  Have you considered giving a gift of a companion dog?  Whether you prefer purebred, designer breed, small breed, young or mature; you’re in luck, Needy Paws Rescue ... Read More »

Meet this week’s St. Louis RV’s Salute to Service winner.

Congratulations to Courtney from the U.S. Air Force. When I called Aunt Kelly to tell her the good news I had her niece Courtney who she nominated listening in on the phone line to hear how proud her family is of her accomplishments. “My niece Courtney joined the air force 9 years ago out of high school. She has been ... Read More »

Country Dawg v. City Dawg

This is the first and hopefully the beginning of many chats with a Country Dawg (me) and a City Dawg (Kelly). I’ve known Kelly for a long time and every time we see each other we talk about anything and everything. I quickly realized that although I grew up and live in the country, and he grew up and lives ... Read More »