Big 3 | Mason & Remy

BIG 3: New Metro East Restrictions, The Rock’s XFL & Cardinals Win BIG

1. New restrictions are in place starting today. The restrictions include no indoor dining or service at bars and restaurants.  All outdoor dining and bar service much be closed by 11 p.m. and may reopen no earlier than 6 a.m. the following day.  Meetings, social events, and gatherings are limited to the lesser of 25 guests or 25-percent of the overall room capacity.

2. The Rock tweeted a photo of him and a bunch of XFL helmets yesterday. He says, “my XFL helmets arrived to my office and I’m humbled and grateful at how full circle life can sometimes be.

3. The Cardinals knocked 23 hits in a 16-2 dismantling of the Reds in Cincinnati.  Brad Miller went 4-for-6 with two homers and a career-high seven RBI for St. Louis.  KK (Kwang Hyun Kim) earned the win after five scoreless innings.