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BIG 3: Laura Churning Into Hurricane, 0 Reported COVID Deaths in MO & Leaked iPhone 12 Images

1. Tropical Storm Laura is expected to become a hurricane today. The storm entered the Gulf of Mexico last night and is forecast to make landfall as early tomorrow.  It could be a Category two or three storm by the time it reaches the U.S. coast. 

2. The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force’s held their first briefing in more than a week, Good news, COVID-19 hospitalization numbers seem to be plateauing in the St. Louis area. Monday is the second time Missouri reported 0 new deaths.

3. Leaked images of the new iPhone 12 are all over the internet. It has not yet been made official, the launch event for Apple’s iPhone 12 family is expected to take place in early September. The new phone looks to have triple lens 3d camera. The most expensive version is rumored to come in at $1500.