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Submit A Soldier For Adoption

Submit A Soldier For Adoption

The success of this program relies strongly on you. In order for your soldier or Marine to receive their packages, the information YOU provide must be completely accurate. If you aren't sure of your soldier's complete address, please research it further before submitting what could be incorrect information. The post office will reject packages with incomplete or wrong addresses.

The staff and management of WIL and Hubbard Radio cannot be held responsible for the contents of packages sent to persons on this list.

Finally, a few well intending people have attempted to post their soldiers more than once. If your soldier has already been posted once then later removed from the list, it's because they have been adopted many times over. PLEASE let others have a chance to be adopted. We will only post names ONCE. Each of the men and women we post here are equally deserving of packages from home. Please give other soldiers the chance to be adopted and post your soldier only once.

Just fill out the short form below to submit a soldier to be adopted and click the submit button when you're finished. We'll add the soldier's information to our list of adoptable soldiers so that others may send him or her a carepackage. Thank you for sharing your loved one's information with us.

  • Deployed Servicepersons Only
  • Where are they from? What do they like or what could they use? Tell us something about their personalities.
  • Your email address is used for verification purposes only. This will not be shared with anyone.