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Stacy and Jonah will try to stump their listeners by asking five country music-themed trivia questions every weekday at 5:45. If their contestant misses one of the questions, they are done! Stacey and Jonah will play with the same questions every day until there’s a winner! The jackpot starts at $100 dollars, and for every day there’s a missed question, they will add 10 bucks to the jackpot!



Our Winners!

Melinda From South County

By Jonah | May 14, 2018

The jackpot was up to $370 when Melinda from South County stepped up to the plate to play the 5 at 545!

Renee wins $260!!!

By Stacey | June 5, 2018

Renee knew the answers to ALL 5 questions and got all the money! Did YOU know all the answers? We ask 5 country music themed questions. Get ’em all right, and win the money. But miss 1, and you’re done. Then we add $10 to the jackpot. We ask the same 5 questions every day …