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WATCH: Chris Lane Drops ‘Big, Big Plans’ Lyric Video

Chris Lane

I think you’re gonna be into this one. Nashville’s Chris Lane released a lyric video for his song “Big, Big Plans” today and says that guys are using the song’s lyrics to propose to their women. “The next thing I know, we’re getting all these requests for guys to propose to their girlfriends on stage at the show.”

According to People, Chris would find himself stopping mid-song to introduce one flustered fella and his momentarily clueless girlfriend.

“I absolutely love the moment,” Lane says. “I looked forward to it every single night. It’s a very sweet moment … and on top of that, it’s funny to watch other guys because I know how it was for me when I proposed and I blacked out. I don’t really remember anything. But proposing on stage is even a much different level than what I did, and I feel like it takes some guts to bring somebody up there and get down on your knee.”

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