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How Rascal Flatts Wants You To Remember Them

Rascal Flatts Concert 5.17.19

Now that the world’s had a few days to let Rascal Flatts’ brand new single “How They Remember You” sink in, fans have probably been asking themselves the very questions posed in the song: Did you stand or did you fall? Build a bridge or build a wall? Hide your love or give it all? Did you make ’em laugh or make ’em cry? Did you quit or did you try? Live your dreams or let ’em die?

But fans might also want to know what Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney themselves have to say about the legacy they’ll leave behind, intentionally or otherwise. “It ain’t a question of if they will, it’s how they remember you,” as the song goes.

In a recent call with reporters, Rooney gave that idea some thought and here’s what he had to say about how he hopes Rascal Flatts will be remembered.

“I think we’ve been working on that for the past 20 years. I really do,” Rooney said. “A lot of the times, it was something we weren’t thinking about, though. Some of the most special moments and the most special music we created were the ones where we were just living in the moment and being a band and living out this amazing journey that’s got us to now.

“I hope that when we do lay it down, we hope fans remember us for being true to ourselves and making music that was hopefully impactful and music that will live on way longer. Rooney added that his other wish is that the trio is remembered by their charitable hearts, and the time, talent and treasure they’ve given to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville over the years. “We’ve been so blessed beyond belief,” he said, “and to be able to give back to our main charity is the real legacy for us.”