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LISTEN: RaeLynn’s ‘Bra Off’ Takes More Clever Approach To Break Up

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

With a song title like “Bra Off”, RaeLynn‘s new track could go in multiple directions. It could be a love song. It could be a sexy type song. This song, however, is the opposite and isn’t really intended to be sexy. “It’s just such a fun quirky song,” she tells “It’s like everybody loves a great heartbreak song, and I just wanted to take a more clever, funny approach to it because that’s how I felt. Like, some guys when you break up with them, you’re not really upset. You’re just like, ‘Thank you Jesus this is over with.'”

She goes onto say, “I was dating this guy and the day that we broke up I thought that I was going to be a little sad because he was kind of hot, but when we broke up, I was like ‘Oh my God, Jesus. This is like literally taking my bra off.’ Kind of like the same as taking off your lashes or a really tight pair of jeans, all the same feeling.”

Listen to the song below and expect to hear it on her upcoming EP (due out early next year) and let us know what you think of it at the New Country 92.3 Facebook page!