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Sam Hunt Appears In Mexico With Rob Gronkowski And Eric Decker

Sam Hunt
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Where in the world has Sam Hunt been? Hard to say really up to this point. We haven’t really heard all that much from him in awhile.. like 7 months awhile. However, we are now happy to report that he is alive and WELL.

Apparently a bunch of folks have been sending in screenshots from Instagram showing Sam Hunt hanging out with NFL stars Rob Gronkowski and Eric Decker, their significant others, and friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In fact, Gronk’s girlfriend Camille shared this screenshot of the guys playing volleyball.

What a time to be alive if you’re on the beach somewhere in Cabo and you’re playing sand volleyball with the country star and his two NFL buddies. And who knows, maybe they’ll help Sam with some new ideas for new songs! One can only hope (for new music soon).