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Brantley Gilbert’s New Album Influenced By Life As A Husband And Being A Dad

(Photo: Lacy Atkins / The Tennessean)

BG Nation has been patiently waiting for Brantley Gilbert’s new album for some time. One thing we – think – we know for sure is that it’ll be out sometime this year but as it turns out Brantley isn’t so much that gruff, biker dude anymore. If you’re a follower, you can see that he’s more of a gentle soul now who tears up when talking about his one-year-old son Barrett. Fatherhood will do that to you. And his next album will be influenced by that.

“I wrote a song while we were in the hospital room with him. It’s one of those things that it’s something I don’t think God made words for. So writing a song about it is harder than I ever thought it would be but I’m really proud of it.” He said in a recent interview with Taste of Country.

He goes onto say, “It’s got a little bit of a different vibe, which I don’t want people to take that the wrong way and think that’s the way it’s gonna be for now on, but this one didn’t lean itself that way. It was a chapter of my life that called for a different sound. After this record here, we’re probably going to have to reminisce a good bit on records because nobody wants to hear a whole album about washing clothes and taking care of a baby.”

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