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Got room for Bruce? Check out this beautiful dog.

So many individual these days speak of the challenges of unfairly being judge based on their exterior.  We are asked to be tolerant, accepting, and to not always judge a book by its cover.  Please understand that Bruce’s entire existence has been tethered to a short chain with life passing by.  He has had it rough thru NO fault of his own from neglectful owners to the unfair stigma associated with his breed.  How long should his punishment last?  I think he’s suffered enough!  It’s now time to practice what we preach; let’s judge him for his beauty, warm character, wiggly butt, and joyful heart.  He yearns for nothing different than what we all seek, love and acceptance.  With the summer months quickly approaching why couldn’t he go hiking, camping, eat an ice cream cone, or float in a canoe?  He can.  It’s all up to you.  Let’s end this discrimination and invite him along on a big bold beautiful adventure.

Well said.

If you are interested in meeting Bruce, please visit   and complete the Adoption Application then we will contact you.

Good luck Bruce!