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Preview of Eric Church’s Holdin’ My Own Tour Coming to St. Louis!

Eric Church has been selling out venues all across the country on his Holdin’ My Own Tour, which features him and his band performing two sets with only a short intermission between the two. The North Carolina native plays for nearly four hours each night, and he feels that he’s only a small part of the show.

 “You kind of get into the show and you start feeling the crowd and you start playing off of them, and then it just starts to kind of take over and it becomes its own living, breathing thing,” says Eric. “I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced that before, you know, where the show kind of becomes something that it’s alive. I’m just a part of it, just like they are. I’m not really directing it. I’m not really steering it. It’s just doing its thing, and it’s been something. That’s the best way for me to say it – it’s been something. I’m fortunate that we’re able, in our career, able to have that, because it’s not something I would’ve ever even dreamed of.”

 The trek, which kicked off in January, rolls into Buffalo, New York on Thursday (April 20th), followed by dates in Pittsburgh (Friday) and Cincinnati (Saturday).  You can see Eric at the Scottrade Center on Saturday, May 13th.