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I’m Boffended by chicken wings!

Restaurants are famous for em, they have them on nearly every restaurant menu and you can get wings in all sorts of sauce flavors, now dry wings with flavors are a thing. My favorite lately are trashed wings.

But let’s talk about the amount of wings.  If you order 6 wings from any restaurant you’ll probably be served this amount.

It hit me like a ton of bricks when my wife made me wings on the grill the other day. This is what my plate looked like.

Notice anything? Of course nobody eats the pointy part of the wing except maybe my dad who’ll gnaw on a chicken neck but that’s a whole different blog.

I’m BOFFENDED because when we order six wings at a restaurant we’re getting six wing parts not six wings!

Oh and for the record I’ll go ahead and say it…chicken legs have truly got the short end of the stick all these years. There ought to be restaurants famous for chicken legs or featured on restaurant menus all over this land.  Growing up nobody ever fought over the wings, we fought over the drumsticks!