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Adopt Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! RROOFF!!!

This week I ponder the different things that enjoy BOUNCING such as tennis balls, bounce houses, and trampolines but never would I include dogs.  You see they yearn for stability in their lives just like we do.  Well, poor Rudy has not yet found a partner willing to honor a forever commitment to him.  He wants a stable friend that will love, respect, and provides care that will allow him to finally flourish.  It’s amazing that thru all of his bouncing he has maintained a happy upbeat attitude.  He is a very durable dog that has an athletic build along with an energetic and enthusiastic character.  So if you are searching for a devoted dog able to help you in your training or perhaps explore the wonders of the great outdoors he is only asking for your forever.  No more bouncing for Rudy because we can all agree that’s only meant for tennis balls.

We strongly believe that the best placement would be a home where he was the only dog, no small children, and a fenced yard built with fun in mind.

If you are interested in Rudy please complete the Adoption Application on our website at