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BIG 3: Smollett Charges Dropped, South City Speed Humps & Fired for Saving Cat

1. Smollett had been charged with lying to police about being attacked by two men in a hate crime earlier this year. A judged ordered all records in the case sealed. 2. Officials in one part of St. Louis are hoping to curb the issue of speeding cars in residential areas. /p> Snapped a quick…


1000 Selfies With Mason & Remy!

Mason & Remy are SO happy to be back in St Louis on New Country 92.3 and are on a journey to collect 1000 selfies and want to meet YOU along the way! During the month of April and part of May, Mason & Remy will bring Fredbird to your job to trade selfies for…

New modern living room with kitchen. New home. Interior photography. Wooden floor.

LISTEN: Bud Keeps a Clean House

Bud had a cleaning service out to his house…because he hates to clean. You should hear some of the stuff he overheard while they were there.

BandB Show

LISTEN: Getting to Know Bud and Broadway

We’ve made it our goal in 2019 to get to know YOU better and in turn want you to get to know US better. So we’ve been doing this thing – Getting to Know You…Newlywed Game Style!

Everyone has a story written under torn paper.

LISTEN: Most EPIC Stories

What’s the story you tell your friends when you’re all hanging out? What’s your most epic story?

A seagull perched on a post with the ocean behind

LISTEN: The Seagull Calling Championships

There’s a competition in Begium to see who can do the beast seagull imitation…Bud and Broadway had to try it out for themselves.


LISTEN: Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca 3/26

Every morning at 6:36,7:36, 8:36 Becca updates us on what’s trending in country music. Dustin Lynch singing about his life with “Good Girl” AND we just love Luke Combs and how normal he is. Jason Aldean says he likes to go to his man cave and think sometimes.