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LISTEN: When Did Your Kid Get You In Trouble?

We read a story about a kid who went to school and told her teachers that her parents were growing weed, turned out to be weeds in the backyard grass AFTER the school called the police and the parent. So we wanted to know, how did your kids get you in trouble? Read More »

LISTEN: Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca

Every morning at 6:36,7:36, 8:36 Becca updates us on what’s trending in country music. RaeLynn talks about her favorite apps AND Tim & Faith showing off their private island. Brantley Gilbert is a bus body AND Sam Hunt still working on sophomore album. Remake of “A Star is Born” AND Brad Paisley gets a visit from David Hasselhoff. Read More »

LISTEN: That’s All I Need to Know About You 4/19/17

When you’re a grown man and ride the grocery cart like a skateboard…that’s all I need to know about you. Each morning at 7:50 Bud and Broadway invite you to share something you heard somebody say or do that made you say THAT’S ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU! Read More »