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Hey that’s Chris Stapleton singing back up for Luke Bryan in 2013!!!

I have played Chris Stapleton’s album Traveller more than any other album in the last 5 months.  However most people were introduced to Chris Stapleton in November 2015 at the CMA awards when he performed with Justin Timberlake, and what a performance it was…I still have it on my DVR to watch over and over whenever I feel the need. ... Read More »

Country Music says Happy Birthday to Willie Nelson he’s 83 today!

Check out how Country Music says Happy Birthday to a legend. Ironically, just this week I started reading Willie’s book It’s a long story. Now I am only 4 chapters into it but it is so good.  One thing that was shocking to me is that he was in the U.S. Air Force like my father, not for very long ... Read More »


You know the joy of having a dog or dogs in your home.  Please considering being a foster family for some dogs that wait to be adopted.  SUPPLIES ARE PROVIDED! That means there’s no cost to you. My friend Cheri works with Needy Paws Rescue and they save abandoned and abused dogs daily; placing them with foster families while waiting ... Read More »

Top 10 Hardest Things About Being a Mom

My Mom raised my sister and I by herself from the time I was 7 years old but she was also a business owner. Mother’s Day is May 8th, 2016 and letting Mom know how special she is so important.   Here are the 10 hardest things about being a mom according to PR Newswire.  Do you agree? 1.  Balancing a ... Read More »

Move over Selfie Stick…there’s a new sheriff in town! Hovercamera

If you love tech…you’ll love this.  Most of my selfies are done with my big ape-like arm, but the selfie stick has been helpful with bigger groups. Introducing Zero Zero Hover Camera!  Gotta get me one of these! Instead of a selfie stick, a company called Zero Zero is working on an autonomous drone called the Hover Camera that follows ... Read More »

It’s Administrative Professionals Week. Will you do something nice for them?

What will you do for the people that make you look good? It’s the bar backs that make bartenders look good, it’s the RN’s, CNA’s, etc that make the doctors look good.  This week we celebrate the Administrative Professionals that make the rest of us look good!  Thank you for what you do!   This is Danielle the Administrative Pro for ... Read More »

UPDATE: Prince’s cause of death announced

UPDATE: Eonline reporting Prince sadly died of a drug overdose.  More details here My wife Daisy was so saddened by Prince’s passing she was inspired to paint this. My college roommate Joe was the head bouncer at the club First Avenue in Minneapolis and knew Prince.  I called Joe as soon as I heard the news that the music world ... Read More »

My time in the ring with Chyna

First thing I saw on the news this morning was that Wrestling Star Chyna dead at 45 years young.  Here’s my brush with greatness.  Chyna had a match at what is Scottrade Center when it was rare to see women in the ring.  My job was to announce the match.  My instructions were to enter the ring and stand by ... Read More »


Boy have I turned over a new leaf, I used to never go to any movie on opening weekend because I’m afraid there won’t be any good seats available.  Now Daisy and I have done it twice in the last month and we got good seats because we get there early.  My new trick is to ask at the ticket ... Read More »